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Get your ex back

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Get your ex backWhen you go through a breakup you feel like your life has come to an end and there’s no reason for you to live anymore. You won’t even get out of bed. Every thought, every move, every blink, everything reminds you of the love you had. And you lost it. You are depressed; the thought of never seeing him again makes you mad. But it is not the end of the world, not even your world. No matter how much you cry the situation will not improve

You have to really think about what you want. Do you want him back? Are you sure your love is real and his the one, the only one you want to spend your life with? Then get up and get to action. Don’t waste any second. Make a plan and follow it. If you have a good strategy your ex will be at your feet in no time

But, before you make a plan and go along with it, there are things you need to know. No matter what was the reason for your breakup, there’s always a chance to make up. That’s the reality. So do not despair. And don’t blame yourself for the breakup. It’s no one’s fault. We do not come into this world with instructions on how to live, how to act, how to deal with relationships. And we are not taught about it in schools either

16236020296_bfaa09020d_mIn your attempt to get him back, there are things which you must avoid. Don’t threaten him, it’s a lost battle. Don’t beg, it will make you look desperate and this is not the best way to get him back. Don’t overdo the attention given to him, like you want to make up for all the bad things in the past. It won’t work. It will only get things worse. Avoid conflicts with his family and friends. They will always take his side. If you can avoid all these, half of the battle is already won

You need to think about what were your needs? And what were the expectations both of you started the relationship with? Did both of you really listen what the other one had to say in this relationship? Did you give to your partner all the attention he needed? Where were you when he needed you to be? Put yourself in his shoes. Imagine how it was for him. You might get the right picture. You have to think about your needs, his needs and how to make certain compromises to strengthen the bond unshakable under worst of worst circumstances

You should have an honest talk with your ex and tell him what you really think and feel about him and your relationship. Maybe he is just afraid to make the first step. Maybe he is confused and doesn’t know what he really wants. Help him figure out. Help him realize that you are meant for each other. And when you have him back, make sure both of you, won’t ever, make the same mistakes again

Don’t try to make your partner change, unless he wants to. Don’t be selfish and don’t keep on doing things you know that bother him. Don’t blackmail him emotionally, give him his freedom. Don’t criticize him, especially when others are present. This is lack of respect for him. When you make a mistake, ask for forgiveness, don’t be proud and stubborn. You don’t own him, so stop being so possessive. When you have something to tell him, do it. He is not a medium, so he could read your mind

When in love everything is possible, because love is meant to cure, to renew, to feel safe, to inspire us with its strength. Love lives in each one of us and everywhere around us for experiencing, sharing and learning